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Leaking every night rain. The end of 1983, Liu Shuzi's mother found suffering from advanced gastric cancer, the treatment of many hospitals do not work, more serious illness. In order to maintain a person's livelihood, in order to earn money to cure his mother, Shu waves every day to the lake fishing, nursing mothers and Liu Shuzi entire burden falls on the shoulders of Shaoyue Yu, excessive physical exertion than her real age to old many 1984 3 On 10 May, has been dying mother took Shaoyue Yu's hand, struggling with tears, said: May Yu ah, you are a very dutiful good wife, I do not trust most after the death of the book Azusa ah! Shaoyue Yu eye shining with tears, said firmly: Mom, do not worry, I'll do Gu Shuzi lifetime. my mother's mouth showing a trace of a smile, and took Liu Shuzi's hand and said: The book Azusa, after my death, sister-in-law is your biological mother, you must listen to the sister-in-law, then ah.
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Short description of real life is not only good, but suitable for writing the history of life, showing historical themes. Since the 1990s, although from time to time some historical painting, but fewer, constitute lineup. 2011 we were delighted to find that historical themes in the long dark submerged AIDS, the number increases, the quality is also improved. Historical themes of development, showing the performance of field extensions and short story writer artistic vision open. Niexin Sen, Sun Fangyou, Tan Song et al accomplished in this field, there have been new work published. Now we have a group of writers in the follow-up, and shows the new creative features, artistic vitality. Indeed, the moment of historical themes of short stories, there are also some shortcomings and problems, such as coverage is not enough open, diverse and innovative ideas are not enough, profound, but also need to continuously improve ancient history theme, since ancient times, living diaphragm, in the creation There are quite difficult. Only those who are familiar with a certain period, a writer living in a field, in the short story has a certain artistic attainments, it may write high-quality artistic works. YE Guang Manchu origin is Yehenala descendants, not only for the Qing royal family have a deeper understanding of life, and there are inherent source of deep emotions, thus creating a large number of antique family series of novels. 2011 post-hood House is an outstanding work of art. Work describes the story of the Qing palace backyard and Jane princess, nurse yellow old woman's life, but does not freeze in the late Qing Dynasty, but all the way to scan this garden and these characters, from the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of New China Special to the Cultural Revolution period and changes of Chinese modern history encounter, full of bloody and revolutionary war, in fact, is a literary bonanza. Ge level of third sprays and Martin ten of the Northeast Plain Sketch, have demonstrated in the 1940s land reform movement, is a breakthrough in modern historical themes of contemporary Chinese history more than 60 years, before the new era nearly 30 years, can also be regarded as history. 2011 we have seen a number of articles describes the sixties and seventies of last century life works, though probably some of the everyday life of the little narrative, but still has a special ideological and aesthetic value. Chi Zijian 'seventies the four seasons approach to childhood memories, describes the original, poverty, messy historical context, the I freedom, happy childhood years, warm, rich underlying social life, as well as has a hard-working, kind, honest character and image of older people who dare to protest. Desolate historical era, actually has a plume of warm memories. Bi Feiyu's 1975 Spring Festival is also put on the screen locked in childhood memories, who both noble and bad luck of the county propaganda team name actor, but her mournful look strange behavior, she gave country girl makeup obsession with ecstasy when moves when she called Jen stumble and fall into the hole in the ice in the struggle, dance, he gave the I has left unforgettable memories, also left endless thinking. Zhaoyan of the Writing of 1971 is written in the story of childhood, through the circulation of an antique writing desk, a reflection of the prevailing social unrest, black and white reversed, interpersonal scores, especially the fate of intellectuals dramatic ups and downs. In these novels, the most historical reflection to suggest that the Qinling Mountains kill Wei stick. Pair.2011 Summary of short stories turn
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