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Pots and pans with spoons a day dealing with people, not highly educated, but insisted Zi, 28 years of creation of nearly 60 million words, and the novel Tian and his wife were successfully nominated Eighth Mao Dun Literature Award ...... This is a reporter recently learned from the Zhengzhou Air School was born in Henan Wenxian Guo Li Xing 61-year-old last year, from Zhengzhou Air School canteen keeper on the seat back down. Over the years, Guo Li Xing stubborn Zi and would not use the computer, his writing is all written in a painting on the manuscript. In 1993, he wrote his first novel idea, fog, by the Henan Literature and Art Publishing. He wrote novels, are based on the theme of rural life, in addition to Tian and his wife were, as well as a novel just finalized, provisional name grave Liu Bei Feng. 2011, Guo Li Xing's novel Tian and his wife were successfully nominated Eighth Mao Dun, he can be regarded as our newspaper's earliest and most faithful correspondent. Four novels, plus some short stories, which Guo teacher about creation a few years nearly 60 million words.61-year-old canteen keeper love writing
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Also a lot of people recommend the book. 2 year old started watching, really like this book for ages 3 to 4 years even more than reading, imagination though rich, but a bit long. Taurus now just look at the Arrow branched colored pen which the rat brother series: Favorite eat apples rat brother. Began to talk about when it comes to not speak, but the action will follow suit. I have to say a bird, he would fly long open-scarred hands; I have to say the elephant, he pulled his nose hard, special fun hungry caterpillars: These two are now eating the For the book, eat the baby always a favorite subject. Caterpillars This design is more compact, there are many Xiaodong Dong won the baby likes, of course, more expensive taste moon: I and the baby liked a book, the picture is very beautiful very comfortable, a little one turns playing Animals and moon rising gradually details are good. Finally, we slept together sweet, very warm, especially suitable for bedtime stories The biggest bear:
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During the interview, while carrying a small morning he had been sitting Reporter stool beside quiet a book of fairy tales, she told reporters her biggest hobby is reading small morning when a reporter asked what she wishes this year, the small morning to the window looked, after a moment, looking in the eyes with a small morning replied that she hoped a set of story books in reference books, the small morning showed age children should have lively, she was happy to come up with a wrinkle Baba Grimm to reporters, This book is my second year, when my grandparents bought me, I saw no less than 10 times, some stories I could back out. she told reporters, see the story book not only learn the philosophy of life, but also can collect up later built a storybook museum.8 year olds up to 60% of genuine books
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